3 Simple Steps To Planning The Best Bachelorette Party

When I think bachelorette party, I imagine a fun celebration where the bride to be is surrounded by her closest girl friends – maid of honour and bridesmaids. It’s the perfect and ultimate “just us girls” night and pretty much a great chance with the future Mrs to have a weekend of fun together before tying the knot.

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Sometimes with the added stress and cost of being a part of the bridal party, which means getting your dress, figuring out hairstyles that coordinate with each other to paying for your flight if it is a destination. You may end up feeling some of the pressures of wedding planning although you are not the main event- the bride. However, you love her dearly. You ladies go way back to high school days when you could only dream of your wedding day and trade ideas about what it would all look like. So, to show her just how much you love her, as any bestie would, you want to throw her the best bachelorette party or weekend ever. Well I’ve got you my queen!

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Here are 3 Simple Steps To Plan The Best Bachelorette Celebration:

1. All about the bride to be. Get a sense of the kind of fun the bride would be into, after all this celebration is for her. Most the time we assume we know what others want, but an honest conversation can bring certainty. If the celebration is a surprise, then find a way to casually gain the information you need without letting your secret out. Try not to involve her in any of the details of planning, and let the celebrations be non-stressful for the bride-to-be.

2. Be ahead of the game. Now get to planning. Bridesmaids expenses can add up quickly, so have your budget set (this could be a joint effort with the rest of the bridal party). Think about a theme that will establish venue, decor, dress code, menu and even some fun games.

Some theme ideas could include: spa day, trip out of town, dinner and dance, boat cruise, favourite band music concert and visit to a winery. Also, have a fully planned itinerary

3. All’s well that ends well. You can include end of celebration thank you swag for all in attendance and special gifts for the bride-to-be that can be playful in nature. This can include beauty products, custom shirts, mugs or tumblers and even sweet yet healthy treats.

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And, of course plan ahead to ensure that everyone returns home safely (especially if drinking alcohol).

So, do you know a beautiful melanin bride getting married soon?

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Also, have the best week ever moving forward with your wedding plans. Remember to follow the 3 steps to planning the best bachelorette party I mentioned above to ensure you ladies have and amazing time.


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